Now at Get Hooked if you are a veteran,you'll receive 10% off your order.

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Passionate people

Get Hooked Pizza is a small pizza shop with a big attitude.Takeout /delivery  We will take care of your hunger needs.

Free Raffle each month

Now at get Hooked when you spend $20.00 Or more, you’ll receive a ticket that will go into a raffle. Once a month on a assigned date we will pull a random ticket,if your ticket matches...That person will WIN  TWO LG. One topping pizzas, and a order of breadsticks.The draw will be done the 1st of every month.We will announce the winner on  We will also desplay it in the lobby

Special deals

Get 2 one topping thin crust 16” large pizzas for $24.99

Get 2 Specialty thin crust 16” large pizzas for $29.99

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